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  • Thanks, guys. You're right about the music being a little too soft, but I didn't mix the film or have anything to do with any audio engineering -- just supplied the music. There was a tremendous horn part [he says humbly] during the chase scene, but the animation group just thought that it was too much. So, they asked me to rewrite it. We ended up with mostly drums and cymbols. The drums are masked by monster claws a good deal of the time, which leaves the cymbols whistling loud and clear.

    Thanks for the comments!
  • Really nice work -- fitting the mood and dramatic, but not overly so for whimsical characters. I can tell you had to work a lot around sound (Foley) effects -- trying not to compete, but complement (or just be silent when necessary).
  • I just added a video entitled "Bunneh". It's my first effort at scoring for animation. Let me know what you think when you get a chance.

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