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Tribute (African Drum Duo) by Dave Gerhart - Mvt. 2 & 3

IronWorks Percussion perform the second and third movements of "Tribute" by Dave Gerhart. The IronWorks Duo gave the premiere performance on October 12, 2008.

For more information about the IronWorks Percussion Duo, please visit:

Program Notes: Tribute, a three-movement work for any six drums for two players, was written as a tribute to three figures that have had an influence on my musical career. I wrote Tribadacious (movement 1) as a homage to one of my teachers, Brad Dutz, and his composition Ewe Day. The syncopated rhythms and different tone colors (rim, dead strokes, drum shell and open tones) are all inspired by the African drumming from the Ewe tribe (Ghana). ||: Tribute :|| (movement 2) is a homage to Steve Reich and the minimalist musical movement. The ostinato figures and additive processes are reminiscent of Reichs compositional style. The third movement, Djunute, is a homage to the Djembe music of the Ivory Coast. This fast, aggressive movement uses repeated rhythmic interlocking figures and soloistic phrases invoking the spirit of the music from Guinea and Mali. The performance features 6 Ewe drums being played with sticks, brushes and felt mallets.
—Dave Gerhart

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