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This is the world premiere of my piece "From 95 Poems" at the NACUSA Texas Chapter Conference held at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas on Friday February 26th 2010.
Performed By Joe Dennis

Program Notes:
From 95 Poems is a collection of three electro-acoustic songs set to three poems by E. E. Cummings from his collection of poems titled 95 Poems. This was my first attempt at writing music for tape and voice. All the sounds used to make the tape portion of the piece were made using my voice and sound effects from my mouth. These sounds include whistling, breathing, blowing wind into a microphone, and singing large cluster chords. Some of the sounds were manipulated in some way, such as being played backwards. The tape is used to create an atmosphere that is overwhelming and ambiguous which leaves the audience perplexed but wanting more.

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