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Cathartic by Keith Kramer performed by Azimuth

in five movements
I. Trichotomy 1: Prelude
II. Dichotomy 1: Karma Bleeds
III. Trichotomy 2: Interlude
IV. Dichotomy 2: Blanket
V. Trichotomy 3: Postlude

composed by Keith Kramer

performed by
Azimuth: Jessica Hanel Satava, voice; David LaVorgna, flute; Joseph Satava, piano; Azimuth Quartet: James Tung, violin; Nicholas Currie, violin; Alice Tung, viola; Adam Gonzalez, violoncello
filmed by Ljiljana Jovanović at An die Musik Live in Baltimore, Maryland
on 5-2-10
Featured on the Navona CD Emerge
Please visit
©2011 Keith Kramer

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