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At 3:35pm on May 19, 2012, John Elliott said…

I am wondering...especially because I can't find anybody else mentioning this...why there is what sounds like repetitive chewing/crunching (or more likely (?) footsteps in gravel) in the background (in places--usually near the end) of I, II, V, VI in "Journey to Serious." Also, there's what sounds like someone walking knee-deep in water in "III." In "IV," there is walking (down a hall, up stairs, across a large empty room?).

There are other sounds in other pieces, but do I need to go into them all?

I like the music, but find the inexplicable nature of the background sounds very distracting (obviously, because I'm going on at length here about them)--which then causes me to lose focus on the music itself. (I find myself wondering, also, if there's a clue in the title, "Journey to Serious," and that the background noises are part of your expression of your lack of seriousness. Which is also distracting, because it completely ignores the music.)

What am I missing? I would like to appreciate these pieces for what they are, but until I know whether or not the background noises are intentional, I can't. Mainly, I can't justify them in terms of the title, which is where I am stuck.

Help me, so I can get back to listening to these as they are intended (with or without the background sounds).

At 3:10pm on May 19, 2012, John Elliott said…

I rather disappeared off the map as of the end of March 2010! (Hence my long delay in replying.) I can't believe I've been away that long. Thank you for listening! And thank you for your appreciation.

At 8:02pm on August 24, 2011, Paulo cesar Maia de Aguiar (Br) said…
Amazing music man
At 6:20am on October 26, 2010, Yaiza Varona said…
Hi Rican, thank you so much for listening to my work and for your kind words! I have been listening to your work, it´s so nice! Is there a story behind the naming of your tracks, Rican? Wish you a great day!
At 1:18pm on September 30, 2010, Phil Mortimer said…
Thanks Rican I appreciate the support. Phil
At 9:03pm on September 17, 2010, Jack Pickett said…
Thanks - good piano music here. J
At 5:35am on September 16, 2010, Oliver F. Koelling said…
Hi Rican,

Thank you for your nice comment on my page. Listening to your tracks....wonderful ! Keep up this good work..
Best regards
At 7:47pm on September 15, 2010, Philemon Mukarno said…
Thank you very much !
At 7:15am on September 15, 2010, H. Archibald said…
Hi Rican,

Thanks for the comment. I hope all is well with you. I've been busy working on projects so I've not been on the forum as often. How about yourself?
At 4:51am on September 15, 2010, Daniel Sullivan said…
Thanks for stopping by my page :) Hope you enjoyed the music.

Daniel S
At 3:21am on September 15, 2010, Ian Mitchell said…
Hi Rican, thanks for your comment, it's always nice to hear good things about your music. Please have a look at my website, there's more stuff on there. I'll have a look at some of your music when I get a moment.

All the best,

At 7:40am on April 28, 2009, H. Archibald said…
Hi Rican,
Thanks for stopping by and taking a listen. I did have some other better more rhythmic works posted but I took them down to rework them. I think you might have enjoyed them even more :)

I had a chance to lsiten to your "Page 3" and a like a lot of things about it and its really growing on me.

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