Writing music for video game mod's

Well this has been an interesting week!

After my guild wars composition was posted on the fan site, about a week or 2 ago someone asked me if I would like to write music for a mod (like a mad-made expansion to an existing video game), and to contact the developers of said mod to get more details. Well it turned out the person who contacted me in the first place was just a fan of the mod and hadn't asked the developers beforehand, but lucky for me the developer listened to my stuff and decided he wouldn't mind me writing a few tracks anyway! So far I've written a short battle piece and am working on a piece for flute, harp, and strings for an Elven castle. The mod is for Mount and Blade (being moved to Mount and Blade: Warband) and is called Prophesy of Pendor.

I decided at this point that I had been wanting an opportunity to write music for a mod for a long time and yet hadn't really done anything to get me a chance to do it, so I put an advert on a site called moddb.com which is basically the home of modders, saying i was an amateur composer looking to write music for a mod, with a link to my youtube channel. Well not long after I had posted it I got a message asking me if I would like to write all the music for a new gamemode being designed for a game called 'Garry's mod' (I know its confusing that the original game is called a mod, but that's cos originally it was a mod itself for the game Half Life 2). The gamemode is basically a small online RPG called AuraRPG, and is in the very early stages of development, giving me probably over a year to write a huge epic score for it!

The I got another offer a few days ago, but unfortunately I had to reject it. The had seen me asking for a challenge, and certainly had delivered one, asking me to write music that was very out of my comfort zone. But rather than putting me off, it made me think that I needed to expand the sort of music I write a bit, beyond just my own specific taistes. However, due to a lack of recording software which I think was needed to do the mod (electric guitar VST's generally sound terrible, so I wouldn't want to do it unless I could record a guitarist in) I had to say no. I don't ever want to write something when I don't feel i can make it sound awesome, so it was probably best to wait till im more confident and able to do that sort of thing.

Then finally, last night (i think...) I was asked to write the music for the main menu of a zombie mod! I really am excited about this one, as I will be able to go a bit nuts, and have a long time to write it. Hopefully by the time they need it I will have recording software (or will just use my universities) so I can ask someone to record some awesome guitar in it, as well as creepy synths, and spooky strings! Can't wait!

So its been a great week for getting myself out there a bit, hopefully this is just the start of my work in video games.

Love, Ian xxx

P.S. The community here is really great! I should probably comment on other peoples blogs as well to spread the love. Thanks for being awesome everyone!
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  • Ian, see if you can get along to the Composium in October. A couple of guys who usually come are big videogame composers.
  • Wowza, that's awesome! And yer, I don't know why I haven't been doing it before now!
  • Hi Ian ... personally I think this is the best way to get into videogame scores. I added music for mods for The Witcher and my music is now on the 1.5 release of the game. Well done getting your foot in the door!
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