Why feedback is so important...vital even.

Hi all,


It's been a while since I've posted anything on here (blame the inspirational block!). Just to say how important and valued feedback from others is on music. It's funny how sometimes you know that something isn't quite right with the composition you're working on, but you think..."Ah, it'll pass" and then someone picks up on the very point you know hasn't been given your 100%! It's very much appreciated though and after this happens, it gives you the push you need to tackle the issue head on! It's good to be 'pushed' and encouraged by your peers! This happened to me very recently and so I've gone back to the drawing board and given the piece I'm working on a fresh lick of paint and a new name; Rain


It's not 'there' yet, but much more on my way now. I think I posted the orignal version on my page a while ago.


Check it out this and the original on my page.Also link here: Rain


Here goes...



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  • Hi Beth. I like your composition. I had not heard the earlier version. I still think the 'rain drops' should be a tad louder in the mix. The composition shows your sensitivity and ability to create a delicate meandering mood. :) Please listen to my 'Instamatic' and message me with your critique. Thanks!
  • :) I see my journey here continues! Yes the strings are a bit heavy, good point! Thanks for the advice!
  • I agree Beth and I learned a lot in a very short space of time by taking great advice from excellent composers, orchestrators and producers. Some people don't take advice well (and it can be hard not to get defensive when a new track is criticised) but I think overall it's really useful and important.
  • Well everyones entitled to their opinion on these things. I blog on this because its what I have experienced. No one is teaching me how to compose, but someone did enlighten me on how my piece could be better, and as for me, i appreciate that. As for me, the feedback has been very useful. I think many others on here would agree. It also made go back and improve my work so in actual fact...i DID take the criticism and used it in a constructive way. We dont all consider ourselves to be accomplished.
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