Which DAW? ....Sonar?

Basically there are two platforms for DAWs: Mac and PC. That starting point can narrow our search for a DAW. 

I'm often amazed at the capabilites of my DAW software- Sonar X1b.

I'd really like to know what other software can do.

What can PT, Cubase, Logic, and DP do that Sonar cannot do?

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  • Nothing really... mostly its about the workflow being slightly different, a different sounding time stretch algorithm or what ever. There is only so many things you can do with audio or midi.

    between pro tools ,sonar (8.5... i haven't updated yet to x1), cubase and logic, pro tools workflow is geared more towards pure audio editing (tho the newer versions have tried to expand from there), logic is very simple to use in terms of midi, as is sonar and cubase. i think there is only some very small differences (other than the look of it) between em.


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