Hi All,As I'm new to the world of VSTI's I thought I'd post a discussion to get some views.After trawling the internet, looking at several different packages and developers, I'm contemplating getting EWQL Complete Composers (Customizable) Collection, with SO Platinum Plus and substituting "Pianos" for Gypsy. This would be purely for composing and demoing cues / themes for Film and TV.Are there any others you think I should look into before taking the plunge? LASS, Symphobia... etc...
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  • Symphobia, EWQL SO Gold, Choirs, Voices of Passion, RA, Colossus, Stormdrum 1 and 2, Garritan GPO, JABB....

    I am pining over not having LASS. They make me weep (cos of the cost). I just spent that much on some other gear so they have to wait for a while. Oh, if only someone could do a group buy! :)
  • Hi !
    I use the EWQLSO Gold Complete, STORMDRUM 2, RA and for the piano, I use the Best Service Galaxy II (mainly the Bosendorfer Grand Imperial). I think I gonna buy the extension for SD2 and for the Gold Complete (the 2 other mics).
    And also Stylus RMX.
  • Adam, I've said this via PM but I'll repeat it here:

    Gypsy and Silk and both amazing at what they do. I bought them in December and I've been really happy with them.

    Oh yes, and +1 for Omnisphere, even though I don't have it yet. You only have to watch the videos to realise how useful that thing is. And the sound quality is top-notch.
  • The "AET" function looks great in NI Kontakt, and the price is good too! Haven't found a decent demo of the string capabilities yet. The ones I have heard can't compare with EWQL SOPP. Then again it's a quarter of the price so....
    The Stylus RMX package I think is a definite. Thanks for the info guys. The more I look, the more I find... i think it may take some time to actually decide. Better strings on this one, better perc on that, better horns on this etc...
  • Excellent. LASS is great and I have a real soft spot for Symphobia, I think the sounds are very usable and the effects are amazing.
  • I'm quite experienced in production and mixing and it would be nice to be able to create finished products for the gaming and media markets, possibly even low budget films to start with. I've had a look at LASS and seems workable. I'm creating a few Protools templates atm for when I buy the VSTi's.

    Thanks for the info... what's your view on Symphobia?
  • Well I think that would get you a long way there. I have no idea what your experience is in production and mixing but a lot of the other libraries (such as LASS) require more skill in that area. EW stuff tends to sound finished out of the box (if you like their sound).

    There are more realistic and versatile libraries these days however are you just using this for demos or the finished product?

    Outside of samples it might be worth looking at good quality software synths such as Omnisphere.
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