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Its been a while since I last signed on to Composers' Forum. I went off to take some time off from the online community as I like to do every so often. During that time I was involved a few projects. Where do I begin...

First, a new music school opened up downtown in my city and I was hired as a piano and composition/theory instructor. Since then the school's reputation has been growing with myself receiving a nice little photo session and spotlight in the paper. I kept my other teaching position out of town in Framingham and my students are growing wonderfully both in numbers and in ability!! My students in my private studio have been growing equally as well! I have been spending my time preparing various students for solo recitals and college auditions to schools such as Berklee and Boston Conservatory.

Outside of the world of music education, I had finished the composition of my 5th Concertante  from my series of "Concertantes". This particular work is scored for octet as opposed to the usual duo of solo instrument and piano. I took the opportunity to expand on the composition philosophy I had applied to the previous 4 concertantes using the rhythmic and harmonic drive to propel the theme and motifs to spin the music out.

In addition to all this I had released a single of a Contemporary Christian single "I'll go". The release was done in part by demand and inquiry...which is kind of a nice reason for creating music. My fortune in deciding to do this is that I made some wonderful new friends who keyed me to a great recording studio that works with music industry artists. To be honest, the only reason that information mattered to me was based on my concern for working with a seasoned professional studio. However, as things would turn out the studio really appreciated my musical style and personality and has grafted me onto their team to take on background orchestral composition on request. I have since enjoyed the fruits of that union.

As of right now, I am currently composing a multi-movement Christian Anthem/Cantata that will be recorded and released. I'm hoping to have the music finished so that recording may start at least by the fall. I also will be working on getting live performances and recordings of my concertantes. Right now, the Guitar Concertante in E minor is being worked on by the guitarist is was composed for. We'll see what goes down.

And lastly, more works have been added and will continue to be (after the tedious copyright claim filing is done lol) added  to my online store at www.jmuspublishing.com

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