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I have been working on a choral piece for a while now but I am wanting to translate the text into Latin. I love the flow of the lanuage, pieces such as O Jesu me a Vita are really inspiring, but I am stuggling to find either a good online translation programme or person to translate it well and offer the phonetic breakdown of words. Can anyone offer suggestions?

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Comment by Paul Buckby on June 28, 2014 at 12:53pm

Hey Bob,

The idea behind the latin is that I find the english language, whichever variation is, sometimes inelegant. I agree about "it may as well be ah" but I dont think you have to understand language to appreciate a good melody. Many of the pieces which have influenced me in writing this are in Latin so that is where the interest comes from. The lyrics are currently not set in stone so there is some room for change. I appreciate that there may not be latin variations of some words I use.

As for google translate, of what little spanish and french I speak, the translations have not always been correct in those languages so I would not want to rely upon it for a language i know nothing of! Like you say, literal, not lyrical.

Oh... and feel free to vent away anytime.

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