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I'm nearing the final stages of mixing 'Ostinato Trip'. I needed to track some foreground lead guitar parts. I was reluctant to begin this task because these guitar parts are meant to complement Alpiar's amazing sax tracks, which are tasteful, rhythmically tight, and often blazingly fast. How would my guitar tracks stand up next to such an obvious talent? Rather than try to match or compete with his style, I went with a safer route of providing a contrast. I usually record elec guitar with a chain like this: guitar > effects pedals > amplifier > microphone > preamp > DAW.  For these guitar parts, I decided to try recording directly: guitar > effects pedals > DI (direct injection) preamp > DAW.  Before starting, I was concerned about the possibility of too much noise via the DI method. Effects pedals can sometimes produce noise...


I decided to try using a Luther overdrive pedal into a Red Witch Empress chorus pedal into my UA 710's DI. The Luther was set at a mild setting without any distortion for tone control. The Empress chorus is a step up from my former Boss chorus unit. It has 3 parameters rather than 2 so it's more versatile. Depth, VOICE, and Velocity. This setup worked well with my Strat. I dialed in a tone to die for. I've felt comfortable in the past with various distortion tones, using a Big Muff, Rat, Small Stone Nano, and other assorted pedals. For me this relatively clean tone was new ground for a lead guitar sound. I am certainly no Pat Metheny or George Benson or whoever, but I'm happy with the inventions I was able to produce for Ostinato Trip.


I'm now busy with the final phase of choosing the best guitar takes, and then on to EQ, compression, panning, and drawing gain envelopes. It's a fun trip!

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