Hi. I'm new here, so I'd thought I'd kick things off with my final degree composition project, 'Drone Symphony'. It comprises of four movements that use four different compositional techniques and four different instrumental groupings.


The first movement, 'Strings (1st Movement in C)' uses the serialism composition technique and uses only stringed instruments.



The second movement, 'Voices (2nd Movement in E)' uses only voices and uses many styles of singing, including Tuvan throat singing, medieval style drones and Arabic style singing.



The third movement, 'Percussion (3rd Movement in F)' uses pitched and atonal percussion in poly-rhythmic timings.



The fourth movement, 'Keyboards (4th Movement in G)' uses only keyboard instruments using chromatic mediants.



I hope you all enjoy my music.


Neville Taylor.

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  • Yes, what you say is so true. I'm in high need for regular feedback myself, but there aren't too many places to get such.


    I'm really glad you like the organ fantasias I wrote. Actually, you're the first to mention them. I always kept on writing them (about 30 of them now) and I couldn't stop, until I started thinking that I might be the only one liking them ;-)

    So I quit composing organ music for some time to start working on other stuff.

    My future idea is to write some orchestral pieces combined with organ. That would be great.


    Despite I'm not capable/interested to compose more ethnical music myself (or use ethnical instruments) I really like your compositions. Somehow they remind me in a way of Eno and Glass. Or Gavin Bryars.

    Anyways, thanks for your feedback, and keep up the good work too! :-D



  • Thank you so much Jorgi. I'm so pleased you liked my pieces. To have them performed by live musicians would be amazing. Who knows, someone on this forum may be able to help :)


    I'm really enjoying this forum. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, not like many forums where people just seem to be there to insult each other and be mean to newbies like us.


    I'm listening to some of your pieces. I especially like the organ Fantasias. I can really imagine them being played in a huge church. Dark and heavy, just the way I like my organ music :) I like your string quartets too. It would be interesting to hear them played by a real quartet. It's so hard to make solo string instruments sound realistic using MIDI sounds. Great pieces though. Keep up the good work Jorgi.



  • Hi Neville,


    I am totally stunned by these 4 works of yours. I really like them, and a performance by live musicians would be awsome!! Nonetheless I think these versions are absolutely great already!


    I'm new here too, and you're actually the first one I post a comment. I listened to all 4 of your movements, and immediately afterwards added you on Youtube. :-)



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