Already a while ago I realised that I actually got used to the idea that even if I become a 'hit' composer ( and within the edm scene I already managed to score some 'hits' ) I will still be earning peanuts compared to even 11 years ago when I started releasing music.

A lot of people are considering music to be 'free' and say that composers, musicians and all other creators should create for the love of creating, l'art pour l'art.

If we would live in some utopian world , let's say earth as depicted in star trek, where money doesn't exist anymore and people are exploring the galaxy, inventing all kinds of crazy tech and even making music just to better themselves than yes, I would make music for free and spend the rest of my life trying to find the holy grail of musical perfection.


BUT we live in a harsh inhumane global capitalist system where there is nothing more sacred than currency and especially gathering enormous amounts of it. Everything got more expensive even in the relatively short 28 years I am on this planet while my music income has gone the opposite way.

And of course it's the friendly folks from the tech world , who are using music to get more customers to buy their overpriced gadgets ( ipods for example , do you think they would have sold so well if there was no music to put on them ? ) who are constantly shouting about that we should change our business model.

Tell me, what kind of business model can compete with free ? And I really think that to be able to develop yourself fully as an artist you need to spend every day on your art, this can get difficult if you have to serve coffee, flip burgers, press sheet metal , or whatever else you have to do to be able to eat...


Goverments here in western Europe are also shrinking the budgets for culture even more while they foolishly poured billions of our money into 'saving' banks that now are thanking us for that help by charging yet some more for their 'services'.  Yet those 'world leaders' just love to talk about our 'great culture' and how it should be preserved and stimulated...

At least the absolute monarchs put their money where their mouth was, hmm, maybe the king of Belgium wants to sponsor me ? Let's write a letter !

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  • You have touched a sensitive matter. You see, as in all things, you sell your basic product (the music you write) cheap, and yet the "concumer" (your audience) most of the times get's it so so many times higher!

    I don't know your rates and deals, but how much does one of your cds, vinyls, or whatever, costs to the public?

    Because for me it doesn't reallly make sense to pay 15 euros for a cd (or even 20), while the person behind the cd is paid far less, I would guess one or two euros at best. 

    THIS is why people want the music free-because there is a huge difference between 0 to 15, BUT there wouldn;t really be much difference between 0 to 1 or 2, should someone like to buy your music. And you can make that 5, people would still buy it. But in order to do that you have to be free of the people between who want their piece of the pie, I'm sure you know all this a lot  better than I do.

    So yeah, a change of model must come, a model where you, the producer, deals directly with me, the listener, and where all the money, or at least the biggest share, goes to YOU, not some people managing, marketing, exploiting your talent, without even giving you some of the high end price they manage to achieve for a cd sold in a store.


  • Too bad it's usually only the people who are in the music business who agree to this. The rest of the world doesn't seem to care.

    But let's not be too bitter, I still enjoy making music incredibly much, I couldn't live without it so I take the pay cut and just go on. If my goal was to get rich I would have done something else but I can't imagine a worse nightmare than to be a millionaire but never feel the joy of writing music again.

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