The awkward first post - Defining music

As the title suggests, I find it awkward in situations such as these where it is not about gaining peoples approval but that of putting yourself out there and seeing what can be created by a fusion of differeing ideas and minds. Some of the greatest music has come from collaboration between musicians and composers and is the reason why we have the Lennon and McCartney, Holland Dozier Holland, Jagger and Richards, Chas and Dave legacies. I use pop examples of collaboration but it is true of all music. An issue I have always found that people are all too keen to pigeon hole music as classical (a pet hate term for me) or pop. I think, particularly in the case of musical styles such as country music where in the contemporary field there is a hybrid of country, pop, rock, blues and even some more unconventional popular styles create something which purists hate but becomes the soundtrack to anothers generation it can hinder, not help our art. This could be said of artists from Cage to Lady GaGa. In the contemporary business where there is such a fine line between genres I say why cant we all appreciate music as music and someone crafting ideas from nothing more than a notion, and scrap the term genre. Yes, we have artist or genres we dislike but it is decoding the parts we dislike that should make us dissect and appreciate the craft of what that artist does.

I have no doubt that my style of mixing popular, "classical", world and experimental music together may not be to everyones taste but I would hope that if it may make one person think "maybe I could do that" or "I like what he did there", my work here is done.

Anyway, first blog out of the way. I cant help but feel that this has made me sound like a cantankerous old man but I am truely not, at least, I hope I have not!!!

I hope to engage and create with you all in the future.

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