Test your hearing.

I read an article on sound in Discover magazine where the author pointed out a site that lets you test your hearing. If you have pretty accurate speakers (not just computer speakers) or headphones and a decent audio interface, this can help you figure out your personal curve - frequencies that you hear better or worse than others. Here's mine:

This tells me that I probably don't really hear 16k, because even at that high level it's more painful to me than discernible. And for some reason, I hear 1k and 1.5k louder than the surrounding frequencies. The audio system used will affect the results. If your system cannot produce 30Hz, then you will think you can't hear it even if yours ears are capable. I used Mackie HR824's and a Motu 896 (at 44.1kHz.) Turn down your sound first, then head over and give it a try: http://www.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/hearing.html
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  • No prob. Hey Mario - I don't always hear 16k. Maybe you have tinnitus? Or maybe your computer or some other electronic thing is making that noise?
  • Cool - thanks for this...
  • Thanks Chris. Hey didn't it happen to you that the reason we dont get that 16k is because you are always getting a high pitched signal on your sorruonding's background?
    I paid a lot of attention to it and yep... Im always hearing it. always... do i need an ear shrink?
  • Yeah that 16k is sorta like a silent brain attack for me too. Loud enough and I feel the pain more than I hear it! To put an image in your comment, just click the black, camera shaped icon just above the area where you are typing...
  • check mine out !! i couldn't hear the 16k and i raised it slowly, 3db by 3db and all of a sudden i had to take my earphones off...
    hold on... how can i add the picture ? ... i'll host it...
    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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