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  • Hi Mike--I answered this on the forum as I really wanted you to get the praise you deserve for such an EXCELLENT work--even with my own small reservations:) Hope it reads ok!

    The piano you sed is unreal..I use Ivory II and have been VERY happy with it, but yours sounded so close to real I couldnt really tell the difference.

    And yes please feel free to drop in occasionally, and if I were you Id DEFINITELY continue going toward the modern side..even the "darker" (LOL) part of it, where I find the most exciting and new kinds of music dwelling:)

    Thanks again Mike Bob

  • Hi Bob,

    Can't win them all eh? but thanks for giving it a listen.

    I like your idea of sampling bits at a time and moving on, it's a good way to attune ears. I think we are both on the modern side of the spectrum, but there is a divide between our aesthetics. Still, it doesn't stop us from listening though and I am fascinated by your approach, so I'll keep dipping in occasionally.

    The piano is sampled, see here



  • Hi Mike..Thanks for your kind word or so..:)  

    No seriously, I'm glad you enjoyed those moments that swept you to somewhere..its not "easy listening" to be sure:) And teh ebst way to lsiten to it is simply to listen and stick with it..take a small section at a time til it makes soem kind of sense on a subsconscious level..hen proceed, and you'll find tehre more of that, all throughout the piece.

    Ive listened to your Prelude and Fuge a few times now, and kind of share the same opinion of that as you did of mine--there opening was brilliant, but thenv ery soon the piece became too repetitious for me, and IIRC the cadence bothered me..

    And the title I think set up false expectations, and Id rather have seen just "Prelude" or even "Introspection" or something like that. I keep wanting to post soemthing about it, then get dragged into something else!

    I use Xsample Chamber Ensemble XCE and its now upgraded form-- the solo strings from that.

    Was your piece played on a piano or sampled one?

    Thanks Bob

  • Hey Bob,

    Man, you have ears of steel. I can't say I could get to grips with it entirely but there where moments when I was swept along on a ride to somewhere. I still have a penchant for clinging to some connections with the past which may well inhibit me when listening to your stuff, but I admire your tenacity. Just out of interest, what samples where you using......


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