Still Great Video Game Music

I grew up in the era before video games. I remember the very first video game that ever came out and played it, Pong, which was a very primitive version of tennis. But it was great at the time! A lot of early video games had great music which was very innovative and memorable. A lot of it had a penny-arcade-kind-of feel, like calliope music on a merry-go-round. Here's one of the better samples from that era IMO:

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  • I agree, Grant Kirkhope (the banjo kazooie guy) has done some great work. He did a really good pastoral pieces for the viva pinata game. I am glad that game music is getting recognition because the quality of scores in the elder scrolls, world of warcraft and Halo series are incredible. I also like that it gets recognition in the likes of the listeners voted Classic FM Hall of fame chart.

  • The Super Mario theme will forever be a classic video game song. Nintendo's music in general, I think, is pretty great. I feel like video game music all together is very underrated.

    Video game music in general has really evolved over the years. You go from music like you described: a penny-arcade-kind-of feel, like calliope music on a merry-go-round... to, for example, Halo 4. Halo 4's soundtrack was recorded by a 50 piece chamber orchestra with vocalists.

    Though, my favorite video game soundtrack will probably always be Banjo Kazooie (nintendo64, 1998) which isn't like the penny arcade type songs, it was all MIDI instruments, like a lot of games were in that era.

    Close 2nd + 3rd is The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask

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