Spectacus. My first Orchestral attempt

I will post something I worked on a little last week. Is an attempt on a Orchestral song. 

I am quite happy with it, But I reckon is many things that could be done to make it even better.

I was first and formost making the song to a friend, that needed a theme to a game he is making. So I tried to build it up slowly!

I am using Reason to create the arrangement and using orchestral soundbank. I use Record to record my voice. Hence the vocal bit.

As always I was inspired from similar pieces from Adventure games and movies.

I am not that familiar composing orchestral attangement, sorry if I totally missuse basic rules to do that.

This is is my first time, and I thought it would be fun to experiement. I am quite happy with the result :) 

Of course any suggestion and critics is highly appreciated.

Apologize for grammar, since english is not my first language


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  • Hello! Thanks!!

    First and formost. Critics are highly apreciated! I do understand the advices, so I need to learn beeing patience. hehe.

    I am totally aware I was a little ambitious here, To walk from my simple ballades with few sounds to a orchestral song like this is a huge step! :)

    But then again I think  experimenting beetween genres and talk to different people will indirectly force me into some challenges that will help me mix better. Not only a genre like this, but also regards to my ballades..

    I think I will start simple to learn how to clean up tracks to avoid mud. Then I will go back to this song and do it step by step.

    Thanks again for feedback. I know what i need to work on! ) I will find some turtorials I think as I have hard time understand how to mix right :) I shall ask the forum for the software I am using aswell.. as it is a jungle of plugins and devices in Reason. So it is hard to now where I would find what:)..

    When I have done some proper changes I will post an update

  •  I liked the 2nd version much better, you are certainly talented.  Good job.

    Not seeing the video portion to know what you are enhancing , I'd say your work

    was A+, especially for a 1st attempt. Toning down the percussion smoothed things

    to my ear and whatever else you changed worked for me. Keep experimenting and growing.

    I'm no technical guru    just someone who appreciates creative endeavor       Roger

  • i replaced the song with a newer version. I played around with a 2band equalizer I found in Reason, and added it on nearly every instrument. I followed you description, and I tried to play around with it. I might have done it wrong, or my ear have turned a little deaf. hehe. But i have hard time to hear difference, maybe I have been to careful again..

    I also added reverb, but I think I did it to much on drums.. I also were more focused on panning. I think I will record  vocal, and perhaps turn the strings down.. Hmm, is a little difficult. 

  • Thank you Ray :) I will have a look when I get home and work on it :)

  • I will of course post up the new version. When I have worked on reverb/panning. Perhaps see if I find a better strings sound in the beggining + perhaps add a part to make the piece more variated and interesting. Just have to figure out the Eq filtering part. Not sure what it means, what I should look for.

  • @Bob Porter

    Yes I did do the violins to left and cellos to right. I did try to experiemnt a little around with the instruments untill I felt it sounded good. But with everything I do, I think I am way to careful. Same with the reverb as someelse mention here. I will try to pan more and group up the instruments.. Should forexample the low frequency instruments (bass and cello) for example be panned to left and right? or isn't there any rules regards to that?

    I will variate more next time, after several times listening through the song, I agree it appear a little monotome.

    The one that requested the song is a friend of mine and I was told to make something epic. hehe. Is a adventure/strategy game sort of. Is not a first person shooter game :)


    Thanks for very nice feedback and help.

    I will work on the intro. yes it does sound a little "synth". I will play around with some more sounds, till I found something that sound better.

    I will try to make some more Hall effects going on. perhaps have a listen again and pick out the intruments that appear dry. I did make a version with lots of reverb. But then I thought it sounded muddled together. But perhaps the key is to Pan more like Bob said

    Regards to Eq filtering I need to read myself up on that, I am not sure what that this means:. In fact each instrument or section track needs high and low pass filtering to remove everything but the important frequency range they require.

    I have not that much experience to create pieces like this, so I apologize for every newbie questions. I quite liked to compose this: Truly truly enjoyed. So I reckon it will be more upcoming pieces.

    Thank you Bob and Ray for very helpful advices!

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