So, about those albums...

I am really grateful to have had such a great year in 2009. A paradigm changer, even. A suite of tangos, two short film scores performed live at a concert, several TV, theatre & film music placements, a couple of commercials, a surprising number of gigs where my music was performed (and broadcast) live... I hope I can top it in 2010. While I have a few tracks I desperately need to re-record, I'm still thinking that it might be time to put my first two albums together, so I 'mocked them up' at to try and work out the kinks. I'd love to hear any feedback ya'll would be willing to provide...

My tango suite, and some jazz:

My favorite short score music:
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  • Not necessarily 'releasing' it just yet - available for consumption, but not quite up to speed. I've sent the link to this forum and 5-6 people only; call it a Beta Test, if you will. Thanks for your kind words - you'll make Mitch's day, as it was his first 'free' improv! And the tangos are coming along... ;-)
  • Hey Scott,

    Great to hear you're doing so well! I'll grab a listen over the next couple of days. Here's to your continued success.

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