Hey all,
Sequencers have crappy scoring editors and I'm tired of waiting, so my latest video tutorials show my solution. (This series of videos completes my series on DAW networking.) This method should work for just about every sequencer. Sibelius appears to be multiple keyboards inputting MIDI into the sequencer (one MIDI keyboard per staff of the Sibelius score). The neat thing is that one can control these MIDI performances with exact detail using standard music notation (no quantization required, for instance), just follow my tutorials about Getting string samples to sound realistic and Getting string samples to sound realistic - Two. In addition, I apply VerbSession and Virtual Sound Stage 2.0 VSTs to the resulting tracks. As a bonus, I solve some Kontakt multi-output difficulties that everybody has been having.

Thanks to:   MusiKal Tech, "VST over LAN"  (https://youtu.be/IduSwkSUads);

                   Cornelis Jordan, "Connecting Sibelius Directly to your DAW" (https://youtu.be/57afXavIO7Q);

                   Chris Harris, "Creating Multi-Outs in Kontakt 5 within Cubase 7" (https://youtu.be/-JSmN9o12Fk)

Sibelius as scoring editor for Studio One using Kontakt

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