Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner's answer to a question was: "9 - W"

Can any of you bright sparks out there stretch your minds and tell me what was the question?


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  • OK! OK!    The question is: Mr Wagner, do you spell your name with a V?

  • Yes, having got this far (9 = nein) the rest should be easy. It might help if I explain that the minus mark between 9 - W simply indicates a caesuras or breathing space. I have discovered that females pick this up quicker than males because of their natural ability to think outside the box. I must admit that you will say aaaaarrrgh when you discover how simple the answer (question) turns out to be.
    Incidentally Paul, I see you have altered my name from Stephen to Richard...same number of letters so is there a code of some sort in there I wonder?.........only joking!
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