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Due to so many events and changes in my life I haven't been the most active on the forum. From since the last time I posted on the site, I had a hand injury which left me with an almost severed 5th finger, with my 3rd and fourth fingers (all on the left hand) having both broken and fractured bones needing surgery and a pin inserted in my 4th finger. I had to endure painful physical therapy to learn how to use the fingers again as I had lost the ability for the simplest function I once took for granted. Needless to say, classical piano performance was out of the question and I thought my ability to perform and teach were over. But thankfully, all is well and much to the astonishment of the doctors and surgeons that worked with me. Unfortunately, the piano recital mini tour that I planned and received much support and endorsement for had to be scrubbed. Now, people are once again asking in interest to see me bring the project back to life. It is something to consider...still working with the fingers to get back the fine movement of control and endurance/strength need for such a task.

On, the good side of things...I have been experiencing a great continual flow of student increase as a teacher, I have enjoyed preparing piano students for solo recitals, competitions and various projects.

On the composition side of things, I have had a premier of my Concertante No.5 in F minor for Octet through an ongoing wonderful chamber music concert series program "3rd Sundays at 3" in Boston, MA. I am also continuing to follow through various connections for performance opportunities presented to me. As I work to push my career forward I do hope to do better with m activity here on this forum.

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