Remembering the Night Sky and Nørgård

Someone requested that I post some work. Since little is available on YouTube, here is the only piece (aside from an improvisation) that is. ;

This is a video of the premiere of Remembering the Night Sky with Diane Hunger on alto saxophone. Be warned, the video hangs with a couple of minutes left, but the sound continues. (I've never had much luck with live video recording, even - as in this case - when I wasn't the one doing it.) The sound comes from the archive recording.

Also, there has been some discussion of Nørgård on a couple of threads. Here is my orchestration of Helle Nacht. I'm not credited on this recording, but I am in the score (although not in the first printing). Grammophone's review mistakenly credited Per for the reduction. 

Mvt I: Allegro moderato

Mvt II: Adagio

Mvt III: Allegro leggero

Mvt IV: Poco allegro

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  • A link to the score is posted on a separate blog, since I can't put an attachment on a comment.

  • Basically, I was given the full score both printed and digital form and told to match the instrumentation of Nørgård's second cello concerto, Momentum. That was it. The second movement was almost already in that instrumentation, but the end of the first movement and most of the last movement were the most difficult. There were a number of overlapping glissandi that I needed to reallocate. I regularly work for his publisher, and they knew that I studied with him, so I was the obvious choice for the project, and he knew he could count on me. He was too busy working on his 8th Symphony at the time to arrange it himself. Now, whenever there is an arrangement needed, they contact me.

    As far as RNS is concerned, there is a score available for purchase on Amazon, so I can only post a non-printable pdf. Which I'll do later, when I'm home.

  • Try this Spotify link for the Nørgård:

    Nørgård: Violin Concertos Nos 1 & 2 - Spaces of Time
    Per Nørgård · Album · 2012 · 8 songs.
  • Colin, I was able to listen to the Helle Nacht links with no problem.  I'm in the US, on a PC with a Firefox browser.  I posted a link to Voyage into the Golden Screen on another thread, but here it is again.  This is the second movement, which uses the pure infinity series.

  • Hello Stephen-

    It's great to "meet" you online and to hear more about Nørgård's music and your own.

    I enjoyed your Remembering the Night Sky very much.  I'm especially drawn to this work since several of my students recently started writing for concert saxophones.  Is there a score for this piece that you would be willing to make available for any of us to look at?  The performance was excellent, even with a few technical difficulties.  It's wonderful to see and hear real performers. 

    I'd love to hear any of your music, and I will no doubt listen to Night Sky many times, and also share it with my students.  One particular student who I think would really resonate to your music just turned nine, and is hungry for non-tonal, dissonant music that still has a shape and a line and that celebrates the capabilities and beauties of each instrument.  I think he'll be greatly interested in Remembering the Night Sky.

    I'm curious about your Nørgård orchestration.  What did you have to work with for the orchestration? 

  • Hi Stephen

    No luck following the MVt's I - IV links, getting "video not available not availble" error message. I'm listening to your Night Sky piece, no luck yet finding a recording online of the Voyage - no sign of it on Apple music but his symphonie are there. 

    Cheers, CD

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