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Recording my first maracas sample, after much frustration and anticipation

Early this month for my birthday I received a lovely condenser microphone, an audiogram and a bouquet of wires XLR, speaker, adaptors, two Y's and a female coupler.  Actually I ordered the microphone first, but ordered the XLR cable later because I am such a newbie this is my first condenser microphone and I didn't know what wire to purchase.  There was a lot of waiting after I ordered all the wires because my town doesn't have a radioshack.   The wires came in 6 shipments! That is a lot of shipments for just a few wires.


I learned why it takes time to set things up.  I unwrapped all my wires and hooked them to the microphone, audiogram, keyboard, my $10 speakers, my computer. Everything fits! Yeah!  For my audio interface I downloaded the latest driver.  The next day the computer did the audio configuration with the driver.  Yeah! I was thrilled.  I installed the Cubase, but the software never allowed me to try the actual application.  I installed the elicenser only to learn I couldn't find the soft license for Cubase. 

I frantically searched for that licenece! It is nowhere!


It is near the end of the month.  I made my own maracas out of eggs.  I can't wait any longer so I make my first recording using audacity then adding amplifier effects, flanger, and reverb to my 3 egg maracas recording with LMMS software.  6%20egg%20maracas%20spin.mp3

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Comment by Ann Rodela on April 24, 2011 at 4:16pm
I like your Easter bunny suit! Happy, happy Easter Ray! :)
Comment by Ann Rodela on April 24, 2011 at 3:54pm
Hehehehe....and Happy Easter Ray! :)

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