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  • Hello Alya,  were you asking " to quantize or not to quantize and that was a question"? ))
  • And so, I have come to a conclusion that all the same if possibility is to lose game alive it is better not to use quantize. Though for example in cubase there are functions which set value of quantum more smoothly. And by the way, I have noticed of temp too in live execution floats i.e. is not static.
    But it is for example difficult to me to play alive all parties of an orchestra at floating temp... How to be?
  • For me finding a way to make programmed music sound live has been somewhat of a holly grail. This is largely because I don’t play to a high standard and I use notation software to write and sequence music. While I have had some success at it, it is just isn’t as efficient as getting a real musician to do the job. Of course it all depend what you’re writing. There is a wide range of mechanical music now, ranging from minimalist through to techno. Computers are well suited to playing this sort of music. But to answer the question quantise or not quantise. I don’t generally quantise because the music is either programmed into the sequencer or if played in, I play it till it sounds right.
  • Yes Alya - you are right on all counts - live is better. The other problem with MIDI instruments is that they are stridently in tune, and this loses all the warmth of natural intonation between instruments.
  • David Naranjo
    Latency. It for me very big problem. I use scope soniccore. Scope has no 64 bit driver, therefore to me it is not accessible the big possibilities of 64 systems.... And still I connect some external disks. Therefore it is necessary to put great values latency that cubase worked correctly.
  • Alya - I use a combination of drum loops, samples, and MIDI drums - since loops seldom contain drum fills I connect the patterns with MIDI fills, and try to match the sound of the drum kits as closely as possible.. (i.e. tom runs, cymbals crashes)... these i quantize as well.... grooves usually sound better if the bass is a little "loose" in rhythm, and only slightly behind the beat.
  • 2 Paul
    Yes I with you agree the account of drums. Them it is necessary quantize... I have much MIDI grooves. But I from do not use. Though they very professionally sound.
    I in use synths also. Also I them usually quantize. The Problem with quantize arises in imitation live play and real tools)))
  • And what do you guys think about Latency.

  • It's possible to quantize selectively - where "trainwrecks" occur, etc. It also depends on how good someone is at playing in the notes on a keyboard, or other MIDI device. I think it's always good to quantize drums, at least at first - so that subsequent tracks have a tight rhythm track with which to sync/perform. But e-bass usually doesn't sound great quantized - it loses its groove. That being said, ultra quantized electronic music can be spellbinding - as long as it is interesting/engaging in other ways (harmony, rhythm, etc etc).... this is a great website, and I am trying to figure how to use it better! Cheers, Paul
  • I hear that sometimes after quantize in rhythmic drawings the feeling groove is lost.
    Even solo parts after after quantize spoil. Therefore I them not quantize... It is not correct?
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