Programming Strings

Hello everybody..I need you helps and tips for my new work. I write soundtrack for strings quartet ( but not for cinema).I use various libraries . But is problems in their soundings.When I mix libraries.Whether it would be desirable to learn there are certain skills and tips on programming of the string?
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  • Oliver, thanx for link.
    I read about micro tuning, but not I represent how it's use in classic music?
    Especially, in mix of libraries.... In LASS I observed false sounds. It is strange that developers have not corrected it. But when I start to use it in my music it revives. That that is not present with other libraries. I observed such false sounds as in library from MIroslav Vitos. But this library not only is not mixed with others, but as with synth instruments which I often use in the music
  • Hi Alya,

    Thank for your nice comments and thanks for your appreciation on my works. Well microtuning is a very fine adjustment in the tuning of the instruments in special strings.

    Here a very intresting link:

    Microtuning can be useful in working with strings from top quality and different brand.
    I think in special by using solo instruments to set up string quartetts and small ensembles it can be useful.

    All my best
  • Ariel
    I with you agree.
    But during time solo I am am frightened by other problem. Often I notice problems with a panorama solo instruments. If to make mono the sound of the instrument becomes poorer. How to solve this problem? It is especially appreciable in VSL/
  • Alya,

    For solo strings I wouldn't mix libraries in the same phrase/instrument, samples are recorded performances of a player interpreting a certain technique on the violin. It would be like changing performers in the middle of a piece.

    Of course you can tweak as much as you can but it would never sound as consistent

  • oh! thanx...I listened to your music... It is beautiful.
    I don't understand what do mean under micro tuning?
  • Well there are a lot of things you can do. So far I understand.. have you problems mixing the library balance in low register clean and fat sounding .. hope I'm rihgt ? well .. have you use a filter like ..for instance a FAB filter to eq - ing the frequences?
    Think also regarding micro tuning - that is important to. Visit my profile...listen to tracks .. I writing for strings a lot there.
    All my best
  • thanx for an answer:)
    I used commonly two library-Lass and VSL. In different parts I use various combinations. I have problem when I mix their. In slow parts Lass have perfect legato and slow articulation. But Vsl dont have flexible articulation in legato/samples short and dont links from his. And on the contrary. Lass in quickly part not good. And my music not perfect sounds as though to me it would be desirable.
    Unfortunately could not find article of the author on which you have specified. If to you not difficultly give a link please.
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