Pressing Keys?

I really urge those composers who don't use a keyboard to branch out and try using one. It really isn't that scary. Dive in. Sure, it's a little tough at first, but anything worthwhile requires some effort. Being able to perform with an instrument will give you a huge advantage over composers who use only notation programs that lack human timing and subtle dynamics. A performance ability will help you to convey emotions that would otherwise be impossible.
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  • I very much agree with your comments regarding use of a keyboard.   I dont consider piano to be my primary instrument, and have never taken lessons, but I find that it has become my instrument of choice for composition.  In addition to making it much easier to add dynamics and variation to a piece, some of my favorite ideas in my composition so far have come "on the fly" while playing.  The only downside is that not being a formally trained player, I am limited by what I can play.  When I realize a composition using live note entry on the keyboard, I have no trouble coming up with (hopefully) interesting harmonies, but am not usually able to come up with anything that is too technical (or fast).  I can certainly think at a level that is beyond my ability to play.   For my last several pieces, I have used a hybrid approach using both live note entry and written passages.  I am very encouraged with the results so far.  I use an entry level Yamaha keyboard for entry and then use a variety of virtual synths to complete my projects.
  • I guess that is one of the reasons I'm taking piano lessons this term. But chiefly because I want to play it, it is so useful in all situations, whether you are composing or performing.
  • My keyboard is a PSRE 413 Yamaha which I bought from Amazon.   Being a "south paw" myself I find that my right hand naturally takes the lead in playing the keys while the left wants to follow.  I think this a little bit strange, but when I try more complex compositions I know what you mean.  I find I need to be patient with myself to get them to play slower (to get them to do simultaneously different things),  then practice the heck out of it?

  • I got my new keyboard last Christmas.  It took a while, but now I am very fond of using it.  I think it helps me get closer to my music.  The tactile qualities are a true plus.  I think it is important to choose wisely that first keyboard.  Pick one with full size keys, it's own speakers and set of sounds.
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