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This is either a really good advertising for this pianist or really bad neighboring case. Maybe Laia played really heavy music, but getting disturbed by the piano, I don't know ... I think it would be different if she were to play trumpet or drums per say ... Either way, if that woman is really suing this pianist then I stop and start to think of where the world is going to. There are so many horrible things happening around us, or not(?) If somebody is getting sued for playing, so the other party doesn't really know what to do with their own life but to get disturbed by such a thing-she couldn't sue the mice, so she had to sue somebody and take the blame for her "well"-being ... Well, then we better stop making music for itself, because we're polluting the world with it and somebody will sue us for doing it! And here is the article.

... but if I think of it once again-music makes me who I am and makes my life worthwhile, so I am not stopping writing it!

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Comment by Ursula Jasovec on November 21, 2013 at 5:12pm

Not at all-happens everywhere! Even my friend got a notice from a lawyer saying that the neighbor is annoyed by her playing and that she should practice elsewhere or very quietly, so she had to find a new place to practice.

Yes, amazing how for so much time she wasn't distressed at all! :)

Comment by Michael Hazen on November 21, 2013 at 2:31pm

I thought things like this only happened in the US… It took her six years to realize it was causing her distress?

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