Peacefull and ideas full new year!! :)

I hate the pace of speed this world is turning around ...

Although I haven't been living on this Earth for a very long period (it had just started actually) I've experienced and learned so much already and I'm learning each day. If I wouldn't want to learn all at once I could have leared much much more by now, but there's this glitch in me that wants everything at the same time and rushes the time too fast. And I hate this speed. I love when I can just relax (no matter the work) and be in caught in the moment. And for some reason this song just did this for me and I want to share it with you. It helped me to stop and float in time. If you like that feeling I hope this composition does that to you as well! Enjoy! :)

William Gomez: Ave Maria

I wish I'll be able to write something so touching one day as well.

Wish you all new year full peace and smiles :)

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