Nothing Will Work Unless You Do


“Nothing will work unless you do” 

Maya Angelou quote.

This is to composers, writers, lyricists and music producers who are doing too much thinking, contemplating, dreaming, over planning, and yes, too much talking. I realized this when I completed a musical project around 6 to 9 months later than I should of. The joy of completing a project brings a lot of pleasure and fulfillment, especially when it’s appreciated.

Remember, there’s no one to blame but you. Another thing we have to overcome is our ego. It can be detrimental to our present and future environment, aspirations, relationships and even the next generation (of people). Be emphatic from within and share what you have willfully with the intention to help and enhance someone else. After all, we need somebody to give us a helping hand every now and then.

Part 2. “Nothing will work unless you do.” If we don’t use what we got, how do we expect to progress? The days of blaming others for our lack are long gone because we live in an age now where responsibility, ownership and accountability is key to a fulfilled life.

Those of us who are old enough to be called adults, (I suppose children too :-) have made choices… some good and some not so good. When we choose not to work (in any instance) i.e. getting out of bed with purpose in mind to go to work, cleaning the house, yard or garage, composing, writing, editing, mixing/mastering, reading, exercising, cooking etc., then we fail to accomplish our assignment for that time. What we don’t do affects someone or something; the bigger picture so to speak – cause and effect.

Work with what you got with the intention of doing your best, in order to move to the next assignment. Life is about progression; nothing will work unless we do.

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  • Thanks for the encouragement Michael. What composition are you working on now?

  • Wow great encouragement! People in general, including myself, are very nearsighted. We dont see the big picture: how decisions affect others, our careers, etc. Thanks again for the reminders!
  • Amen brother, Amen. You mentioned some of the "blocks" I've encountered. Sometimes i over think or feel I have to write some opus. It took a long time for me to just "write" dont put so much value on it. I would love to hear other compesers thoughts on this. It would be helpful to talk about those traps we get caught in when trying to write.
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