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  • Mr. Zinos, I appreciate your encouragement.  Thanks for taking the time to listen! 

  • Thanks Michael.  I appreciate your observations, you are quite astute!  I do favor the idea of keeping both instruments strong in a Sonata format (i.e. Brahms, Beethoven).  As you noted regarding the first part of movement 4, I gave the violin more of a solo with accompaniment from the piano.  I have come to the conclusion that most audiences these days prefer conciseness and brevity, mostly due to our 3.5 minute pop-radio culture (not than I'm against anything longer, per se).

    When I write out of my imagination, it seems like the material should be easily worked up and performed.  But this time, as I was the performer getting the brunt of my own ideas, I was amazed at the time and effort it took to prepare myself for recording...a good lesson when I start getting 'adventurous' in my writing for others!

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