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New string quartet complete! (with expanded development as of December 7th)

I have just finished my second string quartet in d minor. Compared to the G major quartet posted on my page here, I think it is a big leap forward in a great many ways. It is held within the Classical style, with a first movement in sonata form, a second slow movement in ABA form and a final movement in rondo form.

I have taken some inspiration from the writings of Joseph Haydn ending the first movement in the major tonic, and using only two part writing in the first theme of the final movement, much like Haydn does in his minuet of the "Fifths" quartet (although mine isn't a canon).

The quartet is written with the limitation of only using the first position on each instrument, which I think I managed to do.

If you want to take a listen you can find the music here:

String quartet in d minor:

String quartet in d minor

The score can be found here

String quartet in d minor

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Comment by Al Johnston on December 18, 2015 at 6:22pm

You can be justly proud to have finished this quartet. It is worth listening to. I would like to see it posted as a video on my Google+ community, "Sheetmusic Playback of Original Music."

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