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  • It's different to what I expected when I imagined medieval, but I think it's really good - as Jennifer Brawley said: serene. I think the mix is fine, and that you're worth a follow on soundcloud.

  • this really deserves another render, one with less reverb. 

    maybe with a more discreed pad/organ too. the harmonies tend to mud and the other instruments are covered by it. 

    all mixing mistakes, the composition itself is very good.

  • @Quinn Mason  Thank you.. :) I have used Reason and Record to create the arrangement and music. I have used the different sounds in Reason to create the different sounds (pads, strings instruments) I used a lot of time to make it as authetic as possible :)

    @Jennifer. Thank you so much. and the vocal is my voice :) also the choir :)

  • That's nice, it's kinda serene and calm. Who's singing it?

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