New Music - 4th April 2009

So I've successfully managed to navigate the upload tool on this site and pleased to announce the availability for your review and comment of no less than seven [film score] fragments.

An Opening is well, very once upon a time but is interrupted with.... who knows? The Great Army is full of the anticipation of something about to happen. Pictures the vast legions of mythic Kings and Lords and epic landscaped. Worlds away from such drama is drama of a different kind. I've always been fascinated by kids movies and great cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Comedic Antics takes its inspiration from these hectic scenarios. Then something completely different for Noone Is Alone, sad music with a glint of hope. This is based on a really, really simple melody. It's astounding how introducing harmony can shift music in completely different directions. Excuse the fade out - this is to hide the [horribly] sentimental cue that followed - just my opinion. The next one, Festive Bustle just reminds me of Christmas at home with my family. Still relevant even now I'm a "grown-up". A River Runs Deep is again another shift into another directions - kayak, anyone? Ending this first posting is a tiny cheeky number, Mischief Managed.So, I'm now putting my creative on the line now when I ask for reactions and comments.Before I forget, I will be analysing these and many other fragments I'm yet to upload on my personal website (due to launch soon). So for those interested in getting under the bonnet of these pieces - I will be dissecting them; isolating parts to demonstrate concepts and ideas; showing miniature scores for you to see what these look like on paper and many more things - bookmark my site: and I'll let you know as soon as it's up and online.
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  • Hey Gavin, thanks for the comments. Funny you should say that but Mr Williams is indeed a huge inspiration to me As is the likes of Stravinsky and Debussy. Hopefully as I do more of more of these I'll be able to craft out my very own sound.

    Thanks again
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