New Here "First Entry" -Canaeus

Hi peeps,


I'm totally new here, so I thought it would be nice to say hello this way.


I never received any musical training. I did some musical experiments around the age of 16-18, but never got far on my own.

For years I have been solely creative in graphics, painting, writing (text). It was not until early 2008 I rediscovered the possibilities of musical 'experiments' through the use of my computer. So there it was again, that idea, the notion of making music. So I started looking for software in order to be able to write music. That's how I ended up with Sibelius and Cubase. Since I'm a highschool teacher myself, my Music-colleague, helped me on my way.


Among the very first things I composed and completed, were some "studies" for harpsichord. I always adored harpsichord music -more than piano- so it seemed logical I would write some music for it. Soon I also began composing music for church organ (several of the Fantasias for Organ can be found on my page).

I did some experiments with music for orchestral instruments and started combining instruments for the first time. My first "ensemble"-composition basically is my First Quartet for Strings (on my page too). In a short period of time I wrote 3 quartets. Some of these I combined with some graphic material posted on Youtube:


This is part 4 "Allegretto" from String Quartet nr.1


...and part 5 "Grave" from String Quartet nr.2


Currently I have a lot of ideas and sketches of music -all unfinished- so basically I'm trying to complete as much as possible, because -and that's the hard part of sticking to the existing material- I keep on having newer and fresher ideas all the time. My big problem is I'm not capable of memorizing musical ideas, so I have to write them down... so constantly adding to the never shrinking pile of ideas :-D


One thing I really need is feedback. I know some musicologist who will be having a decent look at all the compositions I have on paper, because (probably) they need some serious technical tweeking. But all extra feedback I can get is more than welcome!


My basic rule in composing is that I follow my heart, my ear, and the little voice inside giving me ideas and guiding me along the bars.


- Jorgi Canaeus D'hondt -

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  • Love the eb & flow and in my minds eye it evokes images of calm waters lapping gently somewhere on a sedate landscape. Really cool to listen to, good use of conversational melodies as well.
  • You must have read my mind, Emily :-)

    I have been having difficulty with using different keys in the past, and it remains on my agenda of the "to do's" :-D

  • Jorgi - I like it when music follows an emotional thread, and I could hear that very clearly in your music . One suggestion for further development: take it into another key to add interest and a sense of journey.
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