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I am an adult returning to music. The last time that I studied music formally was at high school in 1988. That may be a record for this forum! Right now I am learning Sibelius and working through music books by Gordon Spearritt. I would like to have a go at the AMEB exams [ Australian Music Education Board]. These days the exams are offered online which is a huge improvement upon when I was at school! I am also learning FL Studio.

Anyway, I have knocked together something in Sibelius. It isn't good music. But it's to get used to the notes again! If I can post it I will put it here. As a record of what I started with. It's in a Sibelius file.

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  • Today I decided to make my first piano composition on Sibelius. I have no idea what I am doing. I have uploaded the MP3 in the music critique thread.

    I called it Time and Clocks ;)

  • Thank you Blake! I am also finding that FL Studio is great for experimental music such as all sample music. Actually I will start a sample thread and try to include some of my experiments!

  • I myself use FL Studio. When I first got into composing 3 years ago it was because I stumbled across a guy known as The Synthetic Orchestra (Blake Robinson), and he used FL Studio and a vast array of high quality orchestra samples to produce some amazing tracks. It inspired me to go from making simple ditties on the keyboard like I had been doing since I was 8, to arranging a full orchestral piece. FL Studio is a brilliant DAW and I find it very simple and easy to use. A lot of its features are very easy to access and even easier to understand and use. Good luck with your composing, mate! If you've got any questions about FL Studio, I'm happy to assist. 

  • Because for some reason I couldn't get my post in the DAWs forum to appear I was going to post:

    The best tutorial on comparing DAWs is by a composer called Alexey Arkhipenko on YouTube. Just put that name and compare DAWs.

    I have started to learn FL Studio. I bought the full edition with all of the  VST plugins. I'm finding it great! It's easy to use. I am new to DAWs. There are great tutorials by gurus like Seamless on youtube. One thing that I love about FL Studio is that it is so friendly to sample music. I get my own samples. For instance I like to record my own cat making sounds with a dictaphone and make them into sounds. I made the meow into a laser beam noise! That is so easy in FL Studio! It seems to be a DAW that is friendly to experimental sample music composition. [and for the people who just said "why don't you set up 2 microphones 8 feet apart and get proper ambient samples..." my reply is that I have to get the samples and my philosophy is to get them because then I have them.]

    Anyway, I have FL Studio, Reaper that I haven't explored yet, and Audacity and Adobe Audition CS6. I see no reason why FL Studio cannot produce professional quality compositions. I also use Sibelius and I haven't explored yet how Sibelius and FL Studio work together. I do everything in the DAWs; I don't use a real instrument. FL Studio has the philosophy of modularity - you can do any one thing in 10 gazillion different ways. It also has a unique workflow based on patterns rather than the track-centric approach of most DAWs.

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