My Journey with Music

My journey into music started at school but not what you would think, I went to a english roman catholic high school and music seemed to be the last thing anyone seemed to want to teach.  All I can remember was the embarrassment of having to sing a line aloud, one child after another and smashing a snare drum in with the wrong sized stick, and also playing (making lots of noise) with a kids size xylophone.    

At home we did have a piano but it gather dust, for some reason I found myself bike riding and playing outside, this seemed more fun at that time.  After many years of neglect my dad and I took apart the piano and part burned and buried it the garden, that garden had some strange thing buried in it, including part of a car and a motor bike.

It was many years later that I thought wouldn't it be fun to get a keyboard again, this time one I could connect to my computer.  This removed the barrier of not being able to play it.   I went about trying to play short passages of famous tunes into it, sounding disjointed and amateurish,  so I bought cakewalk DAW to assemble them back to the way they should of sounded.  This gave me the idea to start making up my own tunes, using my midi keyboard to enter the notes and cakewalk to editing out the poor playing.  This seemed to work really great until I realised you need to put many lines of music together.  I found many harmony books and worked out a system of composing music through trial and error.  I've not changed my approach to this day but the samples are so much better, the DAW's have improved to the point that its reasonably easy to create something every day.

Now I use a template of my own making to create music in Logic pro with kontakt 5 for the samples, it works well and I find you can create work without getting stuck with no ideas.

I think why I'm writing this is because people say they cannot do something, and really they are saying they are giving in before you have even given it a go.  Its never to late to do something new and technology really helps bridge the gap.  The main thing is to have fun doing what ever you do.  

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