My Haunted Blog

Halloween is around the corner and something spooky happened to me on October 13 th. I was online surfing the web and when I landed on synthtopia website phantom music played on my computer. I couldn't find the source of the music. There were no open applications. No, I didn't press the play button and forget. I looked for the source of the music, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone out there have a similar experience?

Now the focus of this blog. I download LMMS software and I feel as I have discovered a digital wonderland of audio sensation. I have so much to learn. What happens when you chain an effect? What is side chaining an effect? There are many opensource virtual instruments and synths. Golly the possibilities are incredible. I found myself browsing for hours in sites like and Hours go by...and I wonder what should I try first. What sound am I looking for? What effect and why?

This is my first music composition with a vst host. The genre is trance, industrial. I had a lot of fun making this music video. I hope you enjoy. :)

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