My first (and probably only) blog

Hmm... dont really know how to write a blog... Oh well, ill just ramble on for a bit. Enjoy!So the other day I finished a composition called 'War in Kryta.' If your a fan of the video game Guild Wars you will know this is a direct referece to something in the game, and I wrote the composition based off these events. Ill be honest with you, I finished the bulk of the composition over a month ago, but then got bored of it and left it to rot for a month. Then in one day of spring cleaning I decided to come back and finish it up. Because I had written it in a very sectioned way, all I had to do was link up the sections, but I find this isnt the best way to compose, as it creates quite disjointed compositions where some of the music is just a filler to lead into the next section. So understandibly this isnt my favorite composition.HOWEVER!!!!Because its based off a game, people are bound to stumble upon it through searching on youtube, and I linked to it on some forums for the game, and it ended up on the front page of which made me very happy! But all this is kind of bittersweet, as i think it is one of my weakest recent compositions, and my favorite composition ive ever done, 'The Lord of Dolindium' piano quartet is hidden away with less than 50 views (it has been up for almost a month) whilst this one has over 300, plus another 100 from the origional version of it (it has been up for 3 days!!!). I similar thing happened with my most viewed composition 'It is the 41st millennium' which has over 1000 views on youtube because it is based off warhammer 40000.I sound silly, moaning about getting lots of views, I just wish there was a way to get as much attention on my composition that mean more to me. But as they say, all publicity is good publicity, and hopefully people who like my 'War in Kryta' composition will have a look on my channel and listen to some other stuff.The unltimate composition would be one based off something popular, but is written with the same care and emotion as my favorite ones! I better get to work!Anyway that was a fun 10 mins! I wonder if anyone will read this... perhaps I should put 'naked ladies' in the title, that might get more views... that has just given me a gret idea for a composition!!!
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  • I've now got over 500 views, so am caring less and less about it not being my favorite composition, i love getting views too much!!!!
  • I read it! Composer ramblings are the best....
  • sorry for my super bad typing skills. I should read things through before pressing finish...
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