I've been readying this project for a few months now, and Magnatune Records has just released
it into the wild! I'll be on iTunes and amazon.com in a few weeks, and there will be physical
CDs available at CDBaby and Kunaki soon. All of the music is original, and except for 2 tracks, was recorded during 'live' radio broadcasts:

It's a bit cerebral, but I'm pleased with how it came out... If you like it, please share with friends!


- Scott

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  • Actually, it was a straight stereo mix from the board at the radio station, pre-send. The mastering (which I wasn't present for) was done by my engineer, John Billings, whose only complaint was that everything but the piano was recorded very brightly. (I'll forward your question to him for the right answer, though!)

  • You're welcome! How did you deal with the issue of over-compression during the mixing and mastering process?

  • Thank you, Doug!

  • Congratulations! Interesting fusion and well-recorded.
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