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1) I just finished a couple months of trying to record electric guitar type songs. While not a total disaster for the most part I think it is okay to let them set and move on now to some new projects. They are not really keepers, but in the process I did learn a few things and I cleaned up my VST collection as well as removed Sonar X2 (just too much of a monster) from my system.

2) I decided too that songs can be divided into different categories and therefore working folders. Rock songs, acoustic songs (and I have yet to play much with recording acoustic or vocals, probably the hardest thing to do yet), and then purely electronic and even a mixture. But I ran into some problems with trying to weave it all together. Maybe not as big a problem as I think, but it might be okay to begin to simplify some pieces really.

3) No harm in doing things over. Especially, for example, bass lines. There is no reason that something has to stay as it is. Can only get a little better.

4) Can get more disciplined with my use of FX (EQ, compression, reverb, etc.) and get it, too, a little more simple. Things seem to work fine and there will always be that lack of pinpoint focus on my part. But I can have rock songs going now. The next thing will be too string up the acoustic and get some things recorded with that approach.

28 Nov 13

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