MMP Scores Big with Josiah

Here's the web version: 2008Custom music company - Merritt Music Productions LLC - teams up with American Idol contestant, Josiah Lemming to create “Anything Beautiful,” a new song for an international client.“The client wanted an original song to reflect their new USA campaign - something emotional, intimate, uplifting and hopeful,” said Chris Merritt, owner of MMP LLC. “When I first heard Josiah, I was very intrigued. He has this unearthly quality to his voice, a combination of his timbre, vibrato and accent that is just so unusual. It makes you want to hear more.”Check out the segment on YouTube: to the custom song, featuring Josiah’s unique voice: was featured on American Idol again yesterday and was again promoted on to the next stage! Simon said of the first audition, “Out of all the auditions today, this is the one I will remember.” Paula thinks he’s “adorable!” And they all said he has what it takes to move on up.His later audition didn’t go as well due to stress and poor song choice, but he had the judges so charmed from earlier auditions that they still gave him three yes’s. It’s hard not to be charmed by this kid.Merritt and Josiah recorded the tracks at EMP Audio near Morristown, Josiah’s hometown. “Jason Jenkins, EMP’s owner, has a great ear for guitar tones and vocal recording. It’s always a pleasure to work with him,” says Merritt.“We are finding that more clients want original songs in addition to custom scored music. That’s why we are always on the lookout for the best in undiscovered talent.”Well it looks like Josiah has just shifted into the ‘discovered’ category. Tonight, they will narrow Idol down to the top 24. Will Josiah be among them? I guess we’ll all just have to watch and find out! (tonight - American Idol on FOX)Good luck, Josiah! We’ll be cheering you on!Merritt Music Productions LLC(323) 306-3057 (Los Angeles)(347) 767-2952 (New York)(323) 306-3058 (Fax)merrittmusic.commmptitlebar.gif
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  • Here's an MTV update on him:
  • I'm not surprised. :-)
  • Thanks! I wrote that one!
  • Ahh...I see. I think "Anything Beautiful" is his strongest, from what I've heard so far... -Bob
  • I know the song you are referring to and that was not him. It's a song they added over that segment.

    Ths is his myspace page with some of his music on it.
  • Interesting. I think he could be a singer/songwriter who makes it on his own merits (no pun intended) than becoming an "idol" anyway. If my ears told me correctly, I remember hearing some very interesting guitar/vocal stuff he was doing that they were playing behind one of the scenes, I think when he was in his car. He may not be 'idol' material but still a very viable artist.
  • I haven't even talked to him since he was on the show. I think he dismissed the band because he's not used to playing with others and couldn't get it to work. It might have been bad! If he had been able to do any song he wanted, then that would have been great for him. He was on the local news performing one of his songs, and looked happy. I'll probably hear from him eventually...
  • Chris,
    How is Josiah holding up after missing the finals? We at home felt that had he not dismissed the band, he might still be in the running...
  • No, this song was before he was on the show. But Josiah has performed some of his very interesting original tunes on there...
  • Right on, Chris! Are we going to hear your music on A.I. anytime soon?
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