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Mixing drums is not easy. Most of the tracks require some EQ. For example, your typical bass drum has that tubby backetball tone. I found the dominant frequency at 55hz and boosted it. I also boosted the beater click sound a little bit. I'd like more of a deeper 'thud', so I might experiment with adding or replacing the recorded kick with a deeper sample that shakes the house. ...Or not. The snare was mic'd from both top and bottom. I reversed the phase of the bottom mike track. I lowered the level of the bottom mic because there was just too much buzzy snare sound. There was an extra snare track- a smaller snare that sounded nice and punchy. I used expansion on it, which removed all sound below -40dB. When solo'd it sounds odd, but in the mix, nice. I rolled off a lot of high frequencies on the kick track for a cleaner mix. Conversely, I rolled off low frequencies on the overhead and high-hat tracks. I brightened up the cymbals a tad. Blending all 8 drum tracks into one unified ensemble is a major challenge! Wish me luck. I'm almost finished with the drums, so naturally I jumped over to even out the lead sax track, so that all notes are easily heard in the mix. This tune is an instrumental featuring Alpiar's sax and my clean lead guitar, so these instruments are treated like lead vocals in a pop tune, except maybe slightly lower in the mix. I have to find the right balance between foreground and background elements. For my approach, the last steps will be to enjoy the process of adding depth- reverb/echo, panning placements, and micro-management of individual track levels, which is most crucial at the changes between sections, like between verse and chorus, etc. My goal is always to increase the drama, intensify the emotion. To do list: tweak rhythm guitars, and the B3 tracks. Then I'll track lead guitar.

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