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I have a complete album of 14 piano arranged songs (NeoClassical Style) upbeat, aggressive and slow). Am working on the second album. None of music has been published because I am looking for an arranger who has the passion for this kind of music and got a great experience in Kontakt, logic pro libraries. I am living in the LA area and after I find the right arranger/partner, I will be looking to find the perfect match for a piano and strings quartet
(2 girls and 2 guys… Preferably young in the their 20s).
A group to play the arranged songs. Basically a Neoclassical quartet.

You can find these kind of bands or quartet via youtube. For example look for the band Bond from England, or Salut Salon from Germany.

This is a serious inquiry so please:

1- If you do not have the experience, don’t waste your time.
2- If you are thinking about getting paid in the start to arrange these songs, don’t waste your time.

This is simply a project to make so much money (globally) within this partnership and with the right brilliant group of the quartet.
If you have the time and the passion to develop something that has never been done before with the style of ideas I have written down, please email me at.

Thank you and all the best.

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