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Hi!Taking time to say a hello to the Forum! I've been listening to a lot of the wonderful music uploaded to the site. I have been working on editing instrumental parts and have the browser open listening to a Forum composer as I do the tedious, time-consuming work.I use Windows Live Messenger and it is generally up and running while I'm sitting at the computer. The email address is: . If the software is showing me as "Busy" please go ahead and send a message my way!Anyone know of a musicologist(s) that is interested in researching the work of contemporary composers???????I've found that many musicologists (even the Chief Musicologist at the Harvard School of Music) aren't really interested in researching contemporary composers. I would love to find a musicologist that would research my music and generate some learned-musicologist-rhetoric that could be used for insertion into CD release Notes and for use in conjunction with marketing sheet music.C-Eb-G-Bb-DbRichard Larencio Matthis
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  • Actually, Chris.....the series of notes is C minor 7th, minor 9th. Can you hear what you see?
  • Hi Chris.......let's see.....phrygian? or locrian?
    I'm an American, a Texan living in the Show Me state, more Italian than German, and a Composer who loves composing!
    Great question, another???
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