LA Scoring Strings

Well this is just a quick blog post to say "Wow!"These arrived last night and they are amazing. I'll go into more and more detail over the coming weeks.In the meantime please take this demo put together extremely hastily. I will be refining it over the next few nights. doesn't even get close to showing what LASS can do but at least you get some idea of the rich and beautiful sound of the library.
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  • All.


    I have 2 libraries. One is very reasonable priced, the other expansive, around the 1K mark. Both have bad violin sound, no mtter what patch or combnation between the two I use, plus effects, soloists, and a layer of synth on top. It's impossible to filter out the hiss and harshness without modifying tone color. The sound is even worse when the violins carry the melody in multivoice mixing with the other string sections (each group divided). The harmonic structure of the other strings is smooth and nice, but immediately as I leave the low register the sound becomes bad. I tried every solution that I was capable of but I am kind of in a give-up mood.


    Since every dollar I spend counts, I have this question to you all:


    Is LASS capable to give me a non-grainy, non-harsh, smooth and real violin sounding violin or it's still grainy, hissy, harsh and uneven in the tuning of individual samples, just like the other overly marketing hyped "high end" libraries? I didn't name the libraries, so you can be open about my question.

    Thanks, S.

  • I am sad. Tearful... that I can not afford this library just yet. *sob*
  • When I get wealthy, I'll buy LASS. They sound exquisite.
  • Here's a second demo which really shows LASS in more of a supportive role. I'm possibly the only go creating demos that hasn't gone mad with portamento effects...
  • Hey Guys! My first review of LASS just posted.

    I'll be following this up with three more reviews each testing LASS with specific string examples and techniques.

    Peter Alexander
  • Hi Jules,

    I finished MFTM in November. I've also completed Digital Musician (now renamed Digital Music) and beta-tested their new (and excellent) Contemporary Orchestration course. I think the courses were excellent overall but now I'm out doing stuff with independent films and video games.

    Thank you for the comments on my music, I'm glad you like it. If you're ever down near Reading then give me a shout and you can come and hang in the studio.


  • Hi Jules. The solo strings are phenomenal. Absolutely amazing. The solo cello is just incredible. Also this library has the best viola samples as well.

    BTW, Tyrone showed me your music a couple of months ago - absolutely fantastic stuff!
  • Hi Jules.

    I have to agree that, for what you're getting here, the pricing is phenomenal. This library has top-quality solo strings, chamber sized strings and full symphonic strings. It also has sordino versions of these as well. How much might these all cost from another well-known library? I'd say about 3 times the pricess of LASS (maybe more).

    One thing to consider is that to use the library properly you are going to need decent hardware. Each articulation really should be using 4 tracks per section. For instance for 1st violins legato you would use: -

    1st chair (solo violin)
    Divisi A (4 players)
    Divisi B (4 players)
    Divisi C (8 players)

    A little randomisation on these and the attacks blur in a very satisfying and realistic way but obviously they are quite heavy to use. Andrew K recommends 2 PCs just for this library although I'm still running it on my main DAW (8-core Mac Pro).

    I have all the top string libs (VSL App, Sonic Implants, EW, Symphobia) and these are really at a different level. Symphobia perhaps comes closest in terms of tone.

    I do think these will blend well with others (and I may still blend in some Symphobia) but once you begin using them I'm not sure how much VSL you'll want to use.

    Still haven't even begun looking into the Auto Rhythm stuff for ostinato passages but it seems amazing!

    Oh and check out my link above again. I uploaded a new version last night with much better production.
  • Hi James.
    I checked the LASS page and it is really something exciting. Unfortunately the price is something that stops me from buying it. Hope the upcoming Hollywood Strings by East West next year is going to be more affordable.
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