It is all a matter of perspective...

I am a music teacher.


I feel like saying that is like starting a 12 step program...


Anyway, I noticed that some days I feel like the students are giving me a harder time than others.  I have come to realization that it is me that is coming to the situation with a confrontational attitude, not the students. I know that this is not a revelation to start a new renaissance in music education, but the reason I bring this up is that I have noticed this fluctuation in perspective in my composition and appreciation of music.  It comes in the form of self-doubt, wanting to give up, hearing nothing in what I have written, and defeatism.  I am sure that the notes I have recorded haven't changed over night in the belly of my computer, so it must be me.  One day I think "That's not too bad....", then the next completely dismiss it as tripe.


The problem is that I cannot see past the present.  I cannot shift my perspective to appreciate what I have when this negative outlook takes hold.


On another note:  so many projects so little time:

Studio update:  NOTHING WORKS!  I need help!

Music Update:  I think I am shelving the Euphonium Concerto.  I figure it isn't coming because it shouldn't at this point.  It is like the Holy Grail:  maybe we weren't supposed to find it...oh well.



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  • I studied film scoring and arranging 30 years ago and because construction was an easy avenue to take to support my family, (a choice that I would make all over again if I had too) now that my daughters are grown up and on there own  my passion to write music is my first priority again. I am having a blast, writting commercials ,documentaries, films whatever the opportunity dictates. My words of wisdom might be, " Never give up, be persistent, and trust that ultimately, with good choices, your goal/passion will bear fruit."Hope this helps, Larry
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