I Can't Believe It's Not Better!

I always spread myself a bit too thin, when it comes to the internet.Like butter, if you don't concentrate yourself in certain areas, you don't get a lot out of it.At the same time, too much in one location has no benefit whatsoever.I'm a part of many musical forums/sites, yet I still find myself dumbfounded when I get an email from a site I don't remember claiming that I signed up with them this many years ago and still have an account.Just a bad habit of not putting enough energy in at the appropriate times, within their respective domains.Focus is all is necessary._________________In any case, I like to think that with my music, I'm coming onto a breakthrough of so; Just a little one, as if I know that I only need that minute push in order to get to the next level.Once again, I just need more focus on becoming more acquainted with the software that I have, so that I can better transcribe what is in my head onto the world that is music, or something.That and patience; It is alright to take a month to finish one piece of music...
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  • Rahim, I really understand what you wrote! I know that feeling so well. I have tried to be everything and do everything because I am so interested in life in general - but at some point you have to cut some stuff out of your life otherwise you get nowhere. It can be traumatic because it sometimes means leaving some groups of friends through giving up a hobby, for example, but I have come to believe that almost everyone who has achieved great success in life is somebody who got obsessed with one thing (or at most a handful of things) and STAYED obsessed.

    Of course, it's one thing for me to write those words, and quite another to practice what I preach. Our immediate world is full of people putting intense pressure on us to do all the everyday "normal" things that we are expected to do. I am so often faced with decisions like "shall I write some music tonight? Shall I work on my web page? Write a blog entry? Or shall I sit and read the updates on Facebook, or go out for a drink with old friends?" Yes, we need balance in our lives, but too much of the "normal" activities will hold you back from becoming outstanding at anything. The price of success is a larger than average slice of reclusive obsessiveness.

    Your mileage may vary, but that's how I see it at the moment, anyway - and it sounds as if you agree.
    Good luck with your focus!
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