Recently I wanted to use Sonatina VST with Cakewalk. I first installed Cakewalk and then Sonatina VST.

While working step by step I met difficult problems, such as rendering switches to staccato and missing sounds in the imported MIDI tracks.

The problems I met are shortly:

1- Sonatina soft synth works one per track, so 10 instruments means 10 soft synths.
2-Headers and other controls in the MIDI file has to be deleted.
3-Cakewalk base C is one octave lower than MuseSCORE.
4-Fortunately this is only scraping an iceberg, there are a lot more to be done
by editing the MIDI tracks and possibly many more I am not aware at this moment...

I created the MIDI tracks using MuseSCORE.

I finally fixed the problems and ended up with the first appendix of the second movement of one of my compositions.

I decided that nobody else should take the same challenge and live the same pains so that the energy goes into new efforts rather than repeating the same old ones.

Please find attached a very detailed procedure to install and use Sonatina VST with Cakewalk by Bandlab.

1- Cakewalk-SonatinaVST%20synth%20problem.pd





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